Keynote: Building digital supply networks to thrive in an age of disruption
Date & Time
Tuesday, June 15, 2021, 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM
David Simchi-Levi

Even though digitalization of supply chains is on the agenda of (almost) every leader, the reality can be quite different. Fully digitalizing your supply chain, from end to end, is a huge task. Many are the benefits of digitalizing your supply networks, for example, increased visibility and greater responsiveness, but the truth is, certain aspects of this transformation can be costly and time consuming, and very few companies have the necessary resources to achieve a fully transparent E2E supply chain network in one go.

Collaborating with multiple companies in a variety of industries, Professor David Simchi-Levi identified three components essential in digital supply network strategies including (I) a unified view of demand; (II) supply network segmentation; and, (III) smart planning and execution that help establish a supply plan to guide the entire organization, understand deviations from the plan and quickly and effectively respond to supply and demand disruptions.

Professor David Simchi-Levi sets the scene at Digital Supply Network Strategies with an opening keynote on the transformation of digitalization and how to digitalize your supplier network to ultimately become more resilient and agile.