Keynote: DS Smith’s “One Procurement” transformation: Creating agility, resilience and purpose through centralization
Date & Time
Tuesday, June 15, 2021, 4:35 PM - 5:00 PM
Alex Jennings Harold Hendrickx

In this session, Alex Jennings, Chief Procurement Officer & Harold Hendrickx, Head of Enablement & Transformation describe the recent transformation in the DS Smith procurement function; centralising 27 distinct divisions to create a unified team with a clear purpose and enhanced operational capabilities. Alex and Harold explain how the structural overhaul is enabling DS Smith to meet ambitious long term goals in terms of sustained business growth and continuous improvement of service levels, which would have been unattainable without standardisation of processes across the procurement function. They describe how the new operating model enabled DS Smith to become agile and responsive during Covid disruptions and continue to serve a diverse portfolio of customers with fluctuating demand patterns. The centralization of teams enabled coherent and aligned communication so that the visibility and connection with both suppliers and customers was enhanced and orders could continue to be fulfilled. Alex and Harold explain why the new foundations are enabling DS Smith to begin the process of layering technology onto the newly established processes and how Procurement will continue to strategically grow, incorporating value adding concepts and new strategies. Join this session to learn the importance of building strong foundations in your people and processes, and the necessity of clear leadership and vision, in order to enable your procurement function to reach new strategic levels.