Author Keynote: Harnessing the power of the Digital Supply Network (DSN) in Pharma to drive performance and mitigate risk (On-Demand)
Date & Time
Thursday, February 25, 2021, 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Thorsten Wuest Amit Sinha Tinglong Dai

In this session, we're joined by some of the authors of the new groundbreaking 'Digital Supply Networks' bestseller that challenges the traditional 'linear' view of the supply chain. The digital supply network's underlying concept is the notion of building a 'digital thread' that runs from and to each inter and intra-organizational entity, replacing silos with a holistic ecosystem that encompasses all internal and external stakeholders in a business. 

Drawing on modern-day disruptions, trends, and case studies, authors Amit Sinha and Professor Thorsten Wuest, address the six dimension model of the Digital Supply Network, which includes digital development, synchronized planning, intelligent supply, smart factory (smart manufacturing), dynamic fulfillment, and connected customer - all powered by a robust digital core powered by AI, ML, cloud, additive manufacturing, IoT & analytics, digital reality, robots, cobots, and drones, blockchain and cognitive automation, making the proactive management of end-to-end supply networks in real-time a reality even for the largest, most complex supply chains.

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