Keynote: Digitalize Your Supplier Network to Achieve Agility and Resilience in Your Supply Chain (On-Demand)
Date & Time
Thursday, February 25, 2021, 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Shabbir Dahod

As the pharmaceutical supply chain continues to bear extreme duress, the strategic importance of supplier relationship management has become more critical than ever. As key players on the forefront of building more agile, responsive and resilient supply chains, supplier management teams can digitalize their supplier relationships to gain competitive advantage, maximize value, reduce risks, and continually improve business processes.

In this session, Shabbir Dahod, CEO of TraceLink will cover how supplier management teams can digitalize their processes with a network-based approach to: 

  • Gain better visibility into their suppliers’ performance to reduce incidents and repeat deviations;

  • Achieve greater agility and speed in decision-making with timely and actionable information, using digital processes and shared workflows across a digital, multienterprise network;

  • Establish end-to-end resilience and improved supply chain performance with quantifiable outcomes through supply network intelligence; and,

  • Improve product availability with a patient-centric operating model, through digital network insights.

The supply chain framework and linear communication channels (email, fax, phone) are no longer effective in today’s world. Supplier management teams must implement new digital processes - beginning with the ability for suppliers and manufacturers to interact, communicate and collaborate on a centralized digital network - connecting teams across different functions and companies within their own unique ecosystem.  

Join this session to see how digitalization can help you achieve agility and resilience in your supply chain, gain a competitive advantage in your market and ensure your products reach their intended patients.

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