Full Name
Shabbir Dahod
Job Title
President, Chief Executive Officer
Speaker Bio
Shabbir Dahod is President and Chief Executive Officer of TraceLink and a member of the company’s board of directors. He co-founded the company in 2009 with a vision of building a business that will transform how life science companies manage the manufacturing, packaging, distribution, and dispensing of pharmaceutical products across a network of trading partners in the global life sciences supply chain.

For well over a decade, Dahod has dedicated himself to pharmaceutical supply chain integrity, making it his mission to protect patients around the world. As a true visionary, Dahod recognized early on where and how traceability technology could be used to strengthen the life sciences supply chain and make a significant impact on saving lives, years before the US and 40 other countries around the world began mandating a tightening of the drug distribution system. In the early 2000s, while working with MIT Auto-ID Labs (which germinated the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) in 1999), he was alerted to a series of incidents where counterfeit drugs made their way to unsuspecting patients across the US Moved by the gravity of human lives at stake, and immersed in IoT research, Dahod had the idea to lift the journey of a pharmaceutical product up into the digital cloud; its footprint would be managed digitally, thereby securing the passage of safe medicines from manufacturer to patient and all steps in between.

A few years before the US Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) became law, Dahod launched TraceLink and introduced the Life Sciences Cloud, a cloud-based software hosted by Amazon Web Services that has become the world’s largest track and trace network for the life sciences supply chain. His passion for cutting-edge technology and business model innovation was the driving force behind what is now the de-facto industry standard for meeting time-bound global regulatory compliance requirements and protecting patients across the globe from the threat of counterfeit medicines.

Dahod says, "At TraceLink, we are blending decades of knowledge in technology, life sciences, and supply chain business process with a revolutionary approach to digitally transform the life sciences supply chain. My contribution is to leverage 32 years of experience in engineering, product innovation, and business strategy, in order to provide our customers with a proven software solution that enables our customers to exchange critical data with their network of trade partners while easing the burden of complying with global track and trace regulations. "

Early in his career, Dahod worked with Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen at his Seattle-based startup, Asymetrix, where he established the company as a leader in Multimedia Authoring technology in the computer based learning market. With Allen, Dahod researched and incubated a number of emerging web-based products and technologies, including early initiatives in e-commerce, natural language query, online sports, digital media, and Java development tools. He eventually served as a Senior Executive of the Paul Allen group of companies, and later joined Microsoft as a Senior Leader to spearhead collaboration and knowledge management efforts using emerging XML standards and new Internet communication tools.
Shabbir Dahod