Keynote: Integrate & streamline your planning meetings (ON-DEMAND)
Date & Time
Thursday, July 29, 2021, 1:35 PM - 2:05 PM
Simon Joiner

In this session, Simon from o9 Solutions will introduce you to the concept of conducting meetings with interactive slides inside your planning system. Planning data often resides in multiple silos such as ERP, Planning, Business Intelligence, spreadsheets and of course, the PowerPoint slides themselves, which can make collating updates into presentation decks for meetings such as demand reviews or S&OP cumbersome and time-consuming.

o9 have recently released an update to their planning solution where users can create and store presentation decks online. With this functionality, users can refresh presentations with insights directly from the planning platform, collaborate with other users and apply updates immediately back into the system. Presentations can have non-system images uploaded and manipulated and can be shared ahead of time for collaboration. Users are able to store, view and edit presentations based on their access role restrictions. This functionality greatly simplifies the process of creating presentations, running planning meetings, applying changes and archiving meeting material.