Once again, the global supply chain community is experiencing the shockwaves of crisis, placing strain on the connected supply network which consumers and businesses around the world are dependent upon.

The ramifications of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are widespread and the knock on effects are rippling through organizations worldwide due to the globalized & connected nature of modern business.

Rising fuel costs, disrupted trade routes & raw material availability are just some of the challenges that are impacting supply chain leaders’ ability to deliver accurately and efficiently to their customers.

This complex and changing landscape necessitates that supply chain leaders have robust and agile planning capabilities at their disposal; enabling them to react to changing circumstances quickly and make plans and trade offs to avoid disruption entirely.

At DemSense, we explore why Intelligent Supply Chain planning is now more crucial than ever. Learn how supply chain leaders can equip their capability arsenal with AI & ML capabilities to navigate crises and keep ahead of competitors in rapidly changing markets.




Company Director
Johnson & Johnson
VP Customer Order & Delivery Experience
Schneider Electric
Head of Global Center of Excellence for Supply Chain Planning
Vice President of Global Supply Chain
Vestas Wind Systems A/S
Vice President Sales & Operations Planning
US Steel Corporation
Executive Director, Global Supply Chain Institute
University of Tennessee
Global Head of Digital, Supply Network Operations
British American Tobacco
Co- Founder & CEO
Future Insights Network
VP Global Product Marketing
o9 Solutions
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o9 Solutions