Case Study: Concurrency: increasing responsiveness and agility within supply chain planning (ON-DEMAND)
Date & Time
Tuesday, April 13, 2021, 2:25 PM - 2:55 PM
Dominic Thomas

As Covid-19 continues to cause havoc globally and widespread geopolitical / economic uncertainty prevails, supply chains are under unsurmountable pressure to ensure business continuity and demonstrate resilience. Coupled with that, today’s supply chains are more complex in network structure than ever before. Effective supply chain planning is critical but the traditional methodologies are ineffective in ensuring accuracy and responsiveness in today’s challenging environment. Concurrent planning is becoming increasingly recognised as a successful approach to enabling cycle planning, managing lead times and ensuring seamless delivery / fulfilment.

  • The challenges of supply chain planning: why traditional approaches are inadequate 
  • An overview of concurrency: how concurrent planning enables supply chains to execute multiple synchronized plans and overcome operational silos
  • Case study examples of its successful application across diverse, global supply chains
  • Leveraging concurrency as a methodology to improve supply chain transparency, connectivity and responsiveness 
  • Is concurrency the future of supply chain planning: through reduced planning cycles, improved lead times and successful order fulfilment?
  • Towards concurrent planning: where are you, where do you need to be and how to get there
Session Type
Case Study
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Strategy, Transformation, Trends