Keynote: Driving E2E Digital Transformation in the Schneider Electric Supply Chain (On-Demand)
Date & Time
Wednesday, March 10, 2021, 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Stephane Piat

In this session, Stephane Piat will describe some of the key elements of the global digitisation initiative he is leading throughout the Schneider Electric Supply Chain. Stephane will talk about the multifunctional approach that SE is taking to implement digital technologies throughout the E2E Supply Chain. He will share how SE have rapidly ramped up their manufacturing capabilities  moving from 0 smart factories to >100 in 3 years; 5 of which are recognized as Lighthouse smart factories by the World Economic Forum.  Stephane will describe the methodology behind the digital transformation initiatives which include smart logistics transformations with the application of E2E Control Towers and AI & Advanced Analytics capabilities in their inventory management system which achieved a saving of >250million Euros in 2 year.

Stephane will describe how SE run pilots to generate concrete benefits and then scale their transformation at speed to generate rapid returns on investments. Stephane will also explore what lies ahead in Schneider Electric's digital supply chain journey, examining which future capabilities will have a transformative effect on supply chain operations.

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Virtual Session Link
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Strategy, Transformation