Leading a Global Supply Chain Transformation
Date & Time
Tuesday, September 15, 2020, 4:40 PM - 5:20 PM
Gernot Harm

In this session, Gernot Harm will guide us through the 3 year transformation of the Global Supply Chain he led at RHI Magnesita.

In embarking on this Transformation, RHI Magnesita were striving towards the vision of providing their customers a better service and shareholders more value by establishing a global, End-to-End Supply Chain.

Gernot aimed to use global sourcing, production and the distribution footprint to be able to provide the service customers needed and to have best in class capabilities to react to different geopolitical or other disruptive events.

Following the merger in 2017 of RHI and Magnesita, Gernot helped to set up the new Global Supply Chain Hub in the Netherlands to bring new SC expertise into the business and define a global strategy and Supply Chain mindset.

Key pillars of the transformation include:

  • Increasing the importance, understanding and know how around Supply Chain Management across the organization.
  • Implement a holistic Performance Management Strategy.
  • Develop, implement and operate a Big Data Network Optimization Tool.
  • Initiate corporate projects like data quality improvements and leading implementation of RHIM’s Integrated Business Planning system.
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Transformation, Leadership