Keynote Supply Chain Leaders’ Panel: Building SC Agility Resiliency, Reliability – Why, Why Now, How, Where to Start – Lessons from Real World Trenches
Date & Time
Wednesday, October 21, 2020, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Jake Barr Randy Bradley John Gattorna Maeve Magner Roddy Martin Patricia McLagan Pierre Mitchell

The recent pandemic and future anticipated disruptions to supply chains have and will show up major flaws in the agility, resilience and reliability of supply chains and business operating models. Businesses are now looking at supply chain capabilities and reprioritizing the integrative agility of people, processes, technology leadership and capabilities as a core business capability to manage and reduce the impact of these disruptions. This daunting task needs to be planned and executed top down from business leadership and implemented integratively bottom up by teams and cross functional specialists across the business in order to shore up the business to deal with and withstand the inevitable impact of disruptions that will happen in the future and end up impacting customers.

This panel of subject matter experts; each global specialist in their respective domains and markets, will discuss the new definition of agility and the journey to achieve end to end business agility, resilience and reliability. From emerging markets, to segmentation, leading and managing change and supply chain risk management and demand driven logistics ; the discussions and knowledge sharing will be based on leader best industry practices and will discuss the why; why now; where to start , and how’s of the agile components; people, process technology and leadership. Most importantly they will leave you with STOP, START and CONTINUE recommendations to help you crystalize your own transformation journey.

Roddy Martin Chief Digital Strategist at TraceLink will facilitate the panel of leading global specialist and thought leaders.

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Virtual Session Link
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Strategy, Transformation, Trends, Leadership, Resilience