Innovations in Smart Manufacturing
Date & Time
Thursday, October 22, 2020, 4:40 PM - 5:10 PM
Thorsten Wuest

It is almost impossible today to avoid conversations and discussions hovering around AI, machine learning when we talk about the digital transformation towards Smart Manufacturing/Industry 4.0. The question remains, was manufacturing not smart, or even ‘dumb’ before? No, not at all! The smartness was however associated mainly with the human operators and process planners – the human experts – and not inherited in the system itself. We all know experienced operators of complex machine tools who seem to just ‘know’ when a machine is about to fail or is experiencing problems. The goal in a Smart Manufacturing System as part of a Digital Supply Network (DSN) is to reproduce this ‘gut feeling’ by collecting and analyzing data to draw conclusions and make predictions, ultimately providing valuable insights for decision support at various levels of the DSN. The objective of this session is to illustrate what data-driven manufacturing means and what opportunities and challenges emerge from this transition.

  • Manufacturing industry is in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution
  • Smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 are fueled by data and data analytics
  • AI and machine learning are democratizing expertise across industries and DSN
  • Ai is no silver bullets, there are many challenges and barriers yet to overcome
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Strategy, Transformation, Trends, Manufacturing