Full Name
Pratik Yadav
Job Title
Former Head - Supply Chain Operations & Digitalization
Speaker Bio
Pratik has been with ABB for the past 6 years and is currently their VP, Supply Chain Operations and Digitization. Pratik had designed and managed multi-year large digital, operational and commercial transformations in three different Fortune 500 over the last 10 years.

He is a uniquely positioned executive with experience in leading consumer/customer driven global supply chain operations and building enterprise-level digital supply chains through a solid operations background, in-depth understanding of technologies (AI, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Digital Twin, RPA, Warehouse Automation, IoT, Smart Factory, etc.) and extensive use of data and process analytics.

Pratik has an entrepreneurial mindset (co-founded and sold two start-ups) with hands-on experience in product development, product industrialization, defining compelling services for customers.

Pratik is an ardent sustainability supporter. He aims to reduce the impact of climate change through measures such as education, behavioural changes, policy initiatives, and technology. Alongside this, Pratik is an advisor, board member & investor for several start-ups developing products/services in mobility, supply chain, and transportation.
Pratik Yadav