Full Name
Antoinette Irvine
Job Title
Global Supply Chain HR Vice President
Speaker Bio
Antoinette has been the VP HR for Global Supply Chain since August 2016. She business partners Marc Engel, Chief Supply Chain Officer and is a member of the Global Supply Chain Executive Team and Global HR leadership team. Prior to her global role, she was VP HR for the Africa Cluster and a member of the South Africa Board of Directors holding the position of VP HR South Africa. She was the first woman in 25 years to undertake that position.
Antoinette has worked in various cluster/country/HR capability roles within Unilever. During her dynamic career, she filled the positions of VP Reward for Africa, Middle East and Turkey, Global VP for all D&E outsourced HR services in Unilever markets and a 2 year assignment in China at the time of the emergence of multi-nationals accelerating their presence in China.
In 2013, Antoinette won the KZN Business Women of the Year Award. In 2014, she was a finalist in the National Business Woman of the Year Award for the corporate sector. She led the South Africa business to three consecutive wins as the Top Employer in all industries and companies. An achievement that was a landmark for South Africa on its external employer brand recognition. From 2013-2015, Antoinette worked intensively on racial transformation and reconciliation in national forums; and she played a key role in making Unilever’s operating companies in Africa more inclusive. Antoinette is known for her true passion for inclusion and led many change management intervention to make the workplace more diverse and inclusive.
Antoinette purpose statement is: `Speak Truth to Power to drive systemic change’
Antoinette has a Bachelor in Social Science, majoring in Marketing, Industrial Psychology and Economics. She was awarded a Van De Bijl Scholarship after leaving school.
She is married to Craig and has two children, Matthew and Chelsea Grace. She relocated with her family in 2016, moving from their hometown of Durban to their adopted home on the outskirts of London.
Antoinette Irvine