Keynote: The Journey to PMI’s E2E Global Planning Hub
Date & Time
Tuesday, January 25, 2022, 3:30 PM - 3:55 PM
Anastasia Oplustil

In this session Anastasia Oplustil, Senior Manager of Global Distribution Planning at Philip Morris International will guide us through the major transformation of PMI's supply chain planning processes to embrace digital and bring all planning activities under one centralized function. 

Given PMI's commitment to deliver a smoke free future, supply chain processes and strategies have had to be totally redesigned in order to accommodate new product categories, sales channels and manufacturing capabilities. As part of this wholescale business transformation, PMI identified the need to update their planning processes and systems infrastructure in order to manage supply chain & demand complexities that hadn't previously existed.

During this session you will learn how PMI has transitioned to real time, e2e synchronized planning that enables the accuracy and efficiency to collaborate with external manufacturers and an increased number of suppliers. Learn about PMI's redesign of supply chain strategy to put the consumer first and build operations inwards from that point.

Anastasia will speak about PMI gradually transitioning from S&OP to IBP by upskilling planners and driving collaboration with the wider business to ensure that supply chain planning is well aligned with finance and commercial teams. 

Finally, learn about why PMI decided to lead this transformation from their Central 'Synchronization' Hub that creates a business standard for supply chain planning enabled by data and technology.