In this exclusive Roundtable session, we welcome a group of no more than 10 cross-industry supply chain leaders for an in-depth discussion & benchmarking session on the power of digitization in transforming the supply chain and orchestrating end-to-end process improvement.

The current supply chain landscape is fraught with challenges, including potential disruptions, delays and shortcomings. The competitive necessity of keeping costs low and service levels high is dependent on identifying these risks and taking swift, accurate, and effective evasive action, both internally and across enterprises. Doing this will ensure that unwanted costs do not creep into your supply chain and you are able to continue serving customers On Time & In Full.

However, supply chains for the world's largest manufacturers are extremely complex and subject to disruptions from within existing trading partner networks as well as from factors beyond your control. This is where an Industry 4.0 approach to digitization and connectivity enables agility and resilience in the face of uncertainty, providing enhanced visibility and analytical power to support operational excellence.

Join this Roundtable, no matter where you are on your own digital transformation journey, for a private discussion to benchmark your readiness and learn how you can take a digital approach to supply chain management through an Industry 4.0 lens.

Meet the  Roundtable Moderators...

Roundtable Agenda - Key Discussion Points

  • How do your current internal supply chain transformation priorities compare against the major challenges the industry faces? Is there an alignment between the two?
  • How well do you feel your digital transformation priorities and roadmap are articulated? At what stage are you at on the journey?
  • To what extent are disruptions altering your overall digital supply chain strategy? Are there capabilities that you need or areas of transformation that weren’t a priority 2 years ago?
  • How well is your supply chain equipped to identify and respond to disruptions? Do you have the capabilities to avoid disruptions in real time and prevent sub optimal performance?
  • How closely have you been able to connect with suppliers in order to understand their constraints and plan internal operations accordingly?
  • What tools have enabled closer collaboration and visibility with suppliers? What tools and capabilities are still needed in order to create more visibility?

Confirmed Roundtable participants include 

  • VP Global Supply Chain, Electrolux
  • VP Supply Services, Janssen Pharmaceuticals
  • Director Global Supply Chain, P&G
  • Head of Global Supply Chain, Align Technology
  • Senior Director EMEA Supply Chain, Johnson & Johnson
  • Associate Director, Supply Chain Strategy & Design, Bayer
  • Senior Manager Digital Transformation, Henkel
  • Global Business Excellence Director, Takeda
  • Senior Director Supply Chain Network, Teva
  • Head of IT Systems Supply Chain, Sanofi