Disruptions due to material shortages, late shipments, transportation capacity, and volatile demand have become the norm - not the exception.

This new business climate mandates that supply chains transform and embrace new technologies that will help them to deliver business continuity and process excellence, in spite of volatility and disruptions.

A large portion of these challenges fall in the laps of Procurement leaders who manage the supply side of operations and do their daily business in complex networks with multiple tiers of suppliers who are all contending with disruptions themselves.

The knock on effect of disruptions can be devastating for an E2E supply chain and can cause operations to grind to a halt costing organisations money and tarnishing relationships with customers.

Join this session to learn how a Digital Supply Network Platform can be the key to gaining real-time visibility, avoiding disruptions, and quickly resolving issues across the end-to-end supply chain.

Through digitally transforming supply networks, the enhanced visibility and analytical power will enable procurement leaders to thrive in the era of disruption and drive business value as others are plagued by inefficiencies and inaccuracies.

Key Learnings:

  1. Understand why a supply chain ‘Digital Network Platform’ is essential in order to thrive in such a complex supply chain environment.

  2. How to ensure OTIF in the face of supply chain disruptions.

  3. Understanding the knock on impact of small disruptions and how these amplify throughout the E2E supply network

  4. The vital role of technology in building supply chain connectivity & visibility

  5. How the TraceLink Digital Network Platform enables leaders to quickly reap the benefits of digital risk mitigation & value creation.

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