The invite only networking & discussion Roundtable for senior leaders in Supply Chain and Digital Transformation

Topics discussed at Innovators' Roundtable:

What is the Innovators’ Roundtable?

The Innovator’s Roundtable is an invite only ‘Chatham House Rules’ virtual meeting of supply chain and digital transformation leaders. We have created a unique virtual Roundtable environment designed to facilitate a high level conversation and debate around vital supply chain strategy and transformation topics. At the Innovators’ Roundtable event there will be a choice of three tables to join, each of which has a distinct discussion topic and expert moderator.

Who will attend the Innovators’ Roundtable?

The Innovators’ Roundtable event will be attended exclusively by Chief Supply Chain Officers and Global VPs of Supply Chain. It is a cross-industry event with participating leaders representing global Fortune 500 Companies. Every attendee will be personally invited by the Future Insights Network in order to ensure that conversation is productive and all attendees are able to derive tangible value and meaningful connections from their attendance.

Why have we created the Innovators’ Roundtable?

We have created the Innovators’ Roundtable in order to connect some of our most valued members and to provide the opportunity for benchmarking, discussion and debate around core supply chain challenges and strategies for success in the coming months and years. We are creating the opportunity for meaningful connection and collaboration at a time when external benchmarking opportunities are limited but, conversations between like minded peers remain invaluable.