Supply Chain Management in recent years has been transformed by digital technologies and capabilities. These new powers that supply chain leaders have at their fingertips are paving the way for supply chains to become value adding arms of their organisations.

With technology driving enhanced consumer insight and developing capabilities that are enabling dramatically improved service levels, supply chain teams increasingly have access to the data that can drive strategic decision making and the operational capabilities to delight customers.

Warehousing & inventory management may typically be perceived as some of the less glamorous aspects of supply chain management, however, many large-scale retailers and manufacturers are pioneering technologies that can truly transform warehousing into a digitally connected & automated capability.

In a digital age, consumers now expect rapid delivery, customisable delivery options and flexible returns, be this in a B2C or B2B environment. As such, supply chain organisations must review their warehousing & inventory capabilities to meet a higher standard which facilitates and incorporates value adding capabilities and plays a part in E2E supply chain digitisation & optimisation.

In this strategy discussion, we explore how to transform your warehouses for efficiency, cost reduction and enhanced service levels.

May 10th: The Future of Warehousing

Key discussion points: 

  • Equipping your supply chain to thrive in the E-Commerce driven market

  • Leading through transformation - inspiring new cultures and new ways of working 

  • Transitioning from manual processes to automation 

  • Achieving granular inventory level insights 

  • Creating E2E connectivity with the wider supply chain 

  • Building intelligent & responsive insight into warehousing performance

  • Making Customer Centricity a pillar of supply chain strategy

Learn from 2 retailers who are capitalising on the E-Commerce boom and transforming their warehousing operations to thrive in a new Digital Age. 

Understand how The Very Group and Gardiner Brothers are overhauling warehouses to incorporate digital technologies that automate repetitive, labour intensive processes.

Hear how both companies are driving double digit online growth and how the requirements of their warehouses are changing in a consumer driven market place. 

Learn how to pilot, scale and drive wholescale transformation of long established processes to drive profitability, productivity & sustainability.

Discuss how Warehouse automation and digitisation plays a vital role in the E2E integrated supply chain.



ON-DEMAND: Seamless Logistics Orchestration

In an increasingly disrupted supply chain landscape, the challenge of ensuring high levels of OTIF delivery is compounded with additional pressure if your supply chain is not equipped with the capabilities giving teams visibility into variability that can occur throughout logistics networks. A lack of control over the many moving parts in complex operations can lead to sub optimum performance levels, increased costs & dis-satisfied customers.

In this session we are joined by Claudio Coni, CIO at the Marazzi Group, a world leading manufacturer of flooring & tiles. During the conversation we will explore how Marazzi transformed their logistics operations through the implementation of Oracle's Transportation Management Cloud System. We will learn how the partnership enabled Marazzi to more carefully plan and schedule the arrival of shipments from suppliers so that processes were  streamlined and waiting time for drivers dramatically decreased. As a consequence, Marazzi have been able to massively reduce costs associated with inefficient shipment processing and are building more connected relationships with suppliers helping them to navigate crisis and disruption. Importantly, the enhanced visibility also enables Marazzi to more effectively service customers with more up to date and accurate information

Additionally, Claudio will discuss how this particular digital initiative is helping Marazzi to expand their overall digital supply chain strategy. Join this session to delve deeper into a specific piece of the supply chain digitization puzzle and learn how to connect the dots between systems and processes in pursuit of full supply chain visibility and agility.