Supply chain sustainability is one of the most pressing challenges that our industry faces. The acute need for supply chain leaders to adapt processes to ensure that they remain viable into the future and not at the expense of the planet becomes more keenly felt every day. Corporations set ambitious targets to drive down Co2 emissions and ensure that operations have sustainable foundations which will see them thrive in an ever changing global landscape.

However, other traditional business priorities such as cost reduction and driving profit can be at odds with the need for organisations to transform to become more sustainable.

At our Operationalizing Sustainability Strategy Day we uncover why it doesn’t have to be this way… We will look at examples from world leading sustainable supply chain organisations to understand how their sustainable transformations are translating into business value and increased service levels.


  1. How to make sustainability a key metric as a part of your digital transformation programme
  2. How driving sustainability will also drive supply chain efficiencies
  3. How sustainable supply chains can be a value add in terms of service levels and revenues
  4. How to build circular supply chain processes that reduce costs and supply chain risk
  5. Why digital capabilities are the key to driving process optimisation and sustainable performance