New eBook: The Pillars of Supply Chain Resiliency

What appeared at the beginning of 2020 to be a serious but manageable problem in a single Chinese city spread to almost every country, leaving Supply Chains from the local to the global shaken or shattered.The impact far outstripped the capabilities and recovery techniques prepared and developed to deal with ‘normal’ disruptions such as natural disasters.

The global dash to plug the gaps and create temporary solutions revealed  Supply Chains have always had to ‘prepare for the unknown’: to be able to work around unplanned and unpredictable disruptions to the manufacture and distribution of the goods on which they and their customers depend. But this level of resilience is being tested by the current global pandemic. 


Neil Ackerman
Head, Advanced Technologies Global Supply Chain, Middle East and Africa, Johnson and Johnson 
Nitza Pierce, Senior Manager, Advanced Planning, for Johnson & Johnson