React faster, more accurately & deliver business value with process analytics and digital twins

In our Fireside Chats series we deep dive into how organisations can optimise decision making through data analytics and digital twin technologies.

In complex operations with numerous permutations within business processes, the challenge of analysing and understanding the optimum course of action leading to seamless performance and maximized business value, is a constant priority for supply chain leaders.

Throughout this series of webinars, we will hear how world leading manufacturers and supply chain organisations are able to perform real time analysis of supply chain processes and adapt actions accordingly in order to avoid disruptions and deliver business value through process optimization.

Learn how leading organisations are implementing advanced analytics and digital twin technologies in order to thrive in turbulent business environments and are transforming tactical & strategic level decision making throughout the E2E supply chain.

Catch up on our final fireside chat in the series!

In this conversation, FedEx Office, Accenture, and River Logic will guide us through starting a business transformation, using the FedEx Office journey as a point of illustration.  Starting in 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, FedEx Office built a digital planning twin to mirror its Print Production and Delivery Network operations. The team utilized assets, including FedEx Office's network of nearly 2,200 retail stores, 18 commercial print facilities, and its nationwide transportation fleet to visualize and quantify scenarios that materially impact their business.  Using insights from the Digital Planning Twin to guide deeper, more impactful discussions, FedEx Office is now able to deliver even more seamless printing and better delivery across small and large customers.  Join us as they discuss the organizational maturity, mindset, and process required for the journey as well as how the Digital Planning Twin is a driver for business continuity and transformation.

Catch up on first fireside chat in the series!

Join this conversation to hear from Alexandros Skandalakis at Philip Morris International to understand more about how their partnership with River Logic has enabled PMI to create a digital replica of their Global Manufacturing Network and Product Supply Network equipped with advanced optimization technology and prescriptive analytics.

PMI has been able to start phasing-out traditional practices and re-invent their operations in driving fit-for-purpose manufacturing network evolution for today and tomorrow.