The New Supply Chain Paradigm: Digital Supply Networks

In this Virtual Interactive Experience Workshop ™️, we're joined by the authors of the new groundbreaking Digital Supply Networks bestseller, which argues that global businesses today need to replace the traditional 'linear' operating model of the supply chain with an 'always on, always connected,' transparent dynamic network model. 

In this new Digital Supply Network paradigm, companies can: 

  • fulfill the dynamic, demanding needs of the modern-day customer; 
  • weather damaging geopolitical and economic disruptions through building resilience and agility into their supply chains;
  • leverage the vast amount of information captured and share it with internal and external stakeholders in real-time, penetrating the barriers to efficient internal and external collaboration; 
  • leverage the game-changing technologies, AI, ML, blockchain, IoT, and cloud for greater transparency and efficiency for operational improvements and holistic decision-making; 
  • promote a cohesive environment for humans and machines and make the most out of new ways of working.

Authors Amit Sinha, Ednilson Bernardes, Thorsten Wuest, and Rafael Calderon will be sharing a comprehensive overview of the DSN model, discussing the fundamental dimensions, benefits, and cross-industry applications as well as guidelines on how to start transforming your supply chain today. The session will finish off with a 30-minute Q&A where the authors will answer your most pressing questions head-on.  

Join us if you're keen to find out how you can reimagine your value chain, transform existing processes, and strategically combine new breeds of digital technologies to unlock the potential for extraordinary value-creation and orchestrate an unbeatable competitive edge.